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The Republic of South Africa is located in the south of the African continent, in tropic and subtropical latitudes of the Southern hemisphere. The territory of the Republic of South Africa makes 4,2% of the area of the continent (1221 thousand sq.km). For the country landscapes of natural zones of the savannas and light forests, semi-deserts and deserts replacing each other from the East with the West are most characteristic. The plateau and plateaus abruptly go down to the coastal lowland in the east and to a hollow in the south. Navetrenny slopes overgrew subtropical evergreen and listopadny trees and bushes.

A variety of a geological structure, exits of ancient crystal, often metamorfizovanny breeds caused exclusive richness of the country minerals. In total in its territory 56 types of mineral raw materials are revealed. On rather small square really unique set of the most various minerals meets: chrome, coal, iron, nickel, phosphates, tin, copper, vanadium; the world's largest supplier of gold (more than 15 000 000 troy ounces in. The Republic of South Africa occupies the first or one of first-ever places on stocks and production of platinum, diamonds, antimony, uranium and manganese ores, chromites, asbestos, andalusite etc. The only lack of mineral resources is lack of explored reserves of oil. In this regard the main place in fuel and energy balance of the country is taken by coal.

Now in the country about one thousand mining enterprises - mines, mines and pits on which over 600 thousand workers work works. The list of minerals which production in the Republic of South Africa is conducted to some intensity, that were already called, includes coal, iron ore, asbestos, diamonds, nickel, antimony, lead, uranium, phosphates, the titan, etc.

The resource base of nonferrous metallurgy is not so rich and various. The greatest development was gained by production of copper and aluminum, the Copper-smelting industry of the Republic of South Africa works generally at local ores, while the aluminum - at import raw materials.

Minerals: platinum, chrome, antimony, coal, iron, manganese, nickel, phosphates, tin, uranium, diamonds, copper, vanadium; the world's largest supplier of gold (more than 15 000 000 troy ounces in ; oil

The flora of the country is rich and various. In total about 15 thousand species of plants which belong to two floristic areas — Cape and Paleotropichesky are. The vegetation of a zone of savannas and a zone of semi-deserts and deserts prevails.