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Full and exact information on the property offered for transfer to pledge. Here it is necessary to provide the exact list of the property pledged (the earth and constructions, the equipment, cars, etc.) and to give the complete and detailed description of each look:

debtors: How the level of debtors belongs to the level and terms of sales in value of number of days of sale. As there are debtors (many small debtors or debts are concentrated in one hands). As debtors quickly pay off. Debtors arose recently or considerable debts are observed. What previous experience in bad debts.

Conditional obligations. It is necessary to estimate any indicators which influence a financial condition of the borrower but which are not presented in balance of the enterprise, for example, the issued guarantees, capital expenses and to define their potential influence on balance.

documents necessary for implementation of this project, including: the construction project, expert opinions according to design and budget documentation, schedules of performance of work, the license and permission to implementation of such kind of activity, the corresponding certificates, etc.

Indicators of a condition of monetary cash are estimated taking into account a level of development of the enterprise, its profitability and quality of need for current assets. The last is studied on the basis of indicators of speed of a turn of the remains of raw materials and finished goods in a warehouse, and also terms of calculations with suppliers.

– a manpower of heads, managers and the personnel (education, competence and age of the head, presence at it of successors, frequency of movement of managers on workplaces, structure of the personnel, idle time indicators, a ratio of compensation and a value added (has to be within 70%);