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when carrying out privatization of property of public industries it is necessary to use a wide arsenal of ways: public or private sale of shares, sale of assets of the enterprise, repayment of the enterprise, transfer to use, division or fragmentation of the enterprise, new private investments, privatization through sanitation or liquidation of the enterprise);

Realization of actions for further development of market infrastructure and business will allow to solve a number of social problems in the region: to create new workplaces, to raise an employment rate of the population, the income.

One of important tasks of executive authorities is creation of optimum conditions for formation and development of business as one of the directions of an economic development of the city of Bobruisk.

At a planned economy all management was actually reduced to Function of central planning. On places it was necessary only to regulate strictly production, to divide the general plan to a mezhp performers. The manager precisely knew, how many and what quality

Destruction of a directive planned economy does not mean absolute denial of a role of the state in regulation of social and economic processes and applicability in market economy of planning at all.

the immense element of a market mechanism offers to carry out in the city a number of the actions focused on creation of new workplaces, assistance in employment and material support of citizens development of system of public works, providing additional guarantees of employment for the citizens not capable on equal terms to compete in labor market, assistance of independent employment of citizens and support of their business activity, vocational guidance and retraining nezanya-

In what form control of the city has to be exercised now? After all all major problems connected with transition to the market first of all will be solved on places, concrete territories those bodies which are most of all approached to people.

- strategy of privatization has to be constructive and multiple. The substantial part of projects and programs of privatization has to consist in development and careful justification of the plan of future production and Financial development (the business plan and the mechanism of its realization on any predpriya-

Main objectives of development of branches of a welfare complex – health care, education, culture – is realization of the principle of availability of the welfare benefits for all population, increase of its cultural and educational potential, creation of a steady basis for increase of health of the nation.

Lack of coherence of plans in branch and regional cuts is the main reason for the developed such situation. From appendices 9 and 10 divergences in the tasks finished to subjects of managing by higher bodies of management and city executive committee are accurately visible.

As indicators of social and economic development for the city of Bobruisk as large industrial center, the following indicators are used: production of the industry and consumer goods, commodity turnover via all channels of realization, rendering paid services to the population, including household,

Process of deep reforming of economy takes a certain period of time during which it is necessary to undertake measures which would allow to protect in the greatest possible measure neiboly vulnerable segments of the population.

More effective development of the industry of the city will be promoted by timely development of the plans of social and economic development of branches of a national economy and the region coordinated in branch and regional cuts in general. Introduction to practice

professions and places of work, equality of all forms of ownership, guarantees of its inviolability and use in interests of the personality and society, ensuring coordination of welfare of the worker and results of his work, social protection of disabled and other groups of the population.