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Forming demand and stimulating sale, forcing consumers to buy goods and accelerating process of "purchase and sale", and from here turnover of the capital, advertizing carries out economic function in the market. Besides, it carries out also information function. In this role advertizing provides consumers with the directed flow of information on the producer and his goods, in particular, to their consumer cost.

This statement becomes obvious if to consider main types of marketing activity of firm which include practically all spheres of its activity, except for the technical operations connected directly with production, transportation, sale of goods, etc.

Recently competitive fight amplified even more and around the world marketing activity, especially at the firms focused on export increased. The increasing appliances and intellectual potential are put in development marketing and, as a result, advertizing activity.

Characteristic feature of modern advertizing is acquisition of a new role by it as a result of involvement in process of management of production and marketing activity of industrial and service firms. An essence of a new role of advertizing that it became the integral and active part of complex system of marketing which level of development defines quality and efficiency of promotional and informational activity of the producer and its compliance to new requirements of the world market.

It is necessary to notice, what even taking into account continuous development of activity and bigger flexibility of marketing, it nevertheless represents rather closed system. In it, nevertheless, there is an exchange of information both with internal, and to an external field of activity of the producer.

The realization of prestigious advertizing campaigns at all three levels is enabled, generally the publicity of public relations directed on a gain of goodwill of the public to the country, branch, firm and its production in general i.e. on a gain of public reputation.

Thus, in the multi-purpose advertizing work of the western firms directed, eventually, on increase in sale of the goods made by them and receiving additional profit, prestigious advertizing differs in a big variety of forms and methods.

Associative capacity of the trademark is understood as its ability to cause certain associations in consumers thanks to application in phrases or graphic symbols of specially picked up or incidentally found verbal or visual elements.

Using the opportunities of the directed impact on certain categories of consumers, advertizing everything more carries out demand management function. The operating function becomes the distinctive sign of modern advertizing predetermined by that it is a component of system of marketing.

In order that advertizing process was rather highly effective, the corresponding market researches, strategic planning and developments of tactical decisions dictated by the marketing purposes of the advertiser and a concrete situation in the market have to precede it.

The advertizing means — are an information channel on which the advertizing message reaches consumers. In advertizing process the advertizing means are usually provided by the organization owner.

has an exact target focus, reflecting different inquiries, desires, interests of specific consumers and informing them so that considered distinctions of a consumer demand in a certain advertizing audience;

Lack of TV commercial that during its broadcasting the attention of the potential consumer has to be concentrated on the screen, otherwise the advertizing appeal will not be apprehended. The television gives the chance of large-scale advertizing of the consumer goods, but it is inefficient for industrial goods.

Practice of foreign firms shows that in most cases the tasks connected with increase in demand and management of it are solved not at once for all market, but only for its separate segment or set of segments. Segmentation in this case acts as an effective way of "rejuvenation" of production entering a decrease in demand phase, and giving of a new vital impulse to it in the market.

Exists also the third ring — the movement of an advertisement as if deep into of the consumer market and receiving by stimulation by it "feedback" of data on its part in which the realized goods have demand.